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BETH HART - Better Than Home

BETH HART - Better Than Home

Separating from producer Kevin Shirley for the first time in three records, Beth Hart chose to work with Rob Mathes and Michael Stevens for 2015's Better Than Home. A change in producers helped Hart change direction, letting her depart from the down-and-dirty blues belting she specialized in throughout her time with Shirley, reconnecting slightly to her singer/songwriter beginning while emphasizing deep soul roots. Despite opening with the tight Memphis groove of "Might as Well Smile," most of the album is grandly introspective -- majestic brooding ballads with a clear debt to early Elton John. This cinematic landscape provides a nice contrast to Hart's raw, nervy vocals, accentuating the aching in her delivery. This emotional immediacy compensates for the sometimes elliptical songs, songs that take a little while to settle, but the risks Hart's taken on Better Than Home pay off: this is a distinctive, ambitious record that takes advantage of her natural talents in surprising ways. - AllMusic

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    1 Might As Well Smile
    2 Tell 'Em To Hold On
    3 Tell Her You Belong To Me
    4 Trouble
    5 Better Than Home
    6 St. Teresa
    7 We're Still Living In The City
    8 The Mood That I'm In
    9 Mechanical Heart
    10 As Long As I Have A Song

    Bonus Track
    11 Mama This One's For You
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