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CROWDED HOUSE - Farewell to the World

CROWDED HOUSE - Farewell to the World

Farewell to the World is a 1996 concert by rock group Crowded House. The concert was recorded on the outside footsteps of the famed Sydney Opera House as a charity event to raise funds for the Sydney Children's Hospital. The event was originally scheduled to occur on the night of the 23 November 1996, however was delayed one day due to rain. The concert was to be the last that the group played as the group announced their dissolution months earlier. The concert was the first ever to be performed on the footsteps of the Opera House and attracted a crowd of greater than 100,000 people, with some estimates of 250,000 people in attendance. Since then, several concerts have been performed there such as the Mushroom Records anniversary celebration and every Australian Idol year finale dually uses the outdoor as well as the indoor of the Opera House.

2006 Sony
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    Track listings
    1 "Mean to Me" – 4:11
    2 "World Where You Live" – 3:33
    3 "When You Come" – 5:54
    4 "Fall at Your Feet" – 3:25
    5 "Better Be Home Soon" – 4:43
    6 "Distant Sun" – 4:51
    7 "Locked Out" – 3:49
    8 "Something So Strong" – 3:51
    9 "Italian Plastic" – 3:51
    10 "Weather with You" – 5:22
    11 "Fingers of Love" – 5:35
    12 "In My Command" – 4:26
    13 "Throw Your Arms Around Me" – 2:57
    14 "Don't Dream It's Over" – 6:22
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