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DAFT PUNK - Random Access Memories

DAFT PUNK - Random Access Memories

In their 20 year yesterday Daft Punk have redefined electronic music, pioneered the live dance concert experience and shaped pop culture.

Random Access Memories is Daft Punk’s first studio album in 8 years. Daft Punk’s 4th album, the follow up to 2005’s Human After All is already the most anticipated album of 2013. Their awareness reached critical mass in 2007 with they performed their hit “Harder Faster Stronger” on the Grammy Awards with Kanye West.
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    1.Give Life Back to Music
    2.The Game of Love
    3.Giorgio by Moroder
    5.Instant Crush
    6.Lose Yourself to Dance
    8.Get Lucky
    11.Fragments of Time
    12.Doin' It Right
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