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HOLLIE SMITH - Band of Brothers: Vol 1

HOLLIE SMITH - Band of Brothers: Vol 1

Released on August 1, 2011, through Soundsmith Records, Band Of Brothers, Vol:1 is the first in a series of musical projects spearheaded by Hollie Smith with the intent to experiment with different artists and aspects of production and collaboration.
In Volume 1 she joins acclaimed beat maker, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle) as the two journey through soul, psychedelia and electronica.
We immediately hear a different side of Smith’s songwriting ability upon her collaboration with Mara TK. More effected, more experimental and at times her commanding vocal removes itself to a mere ghostly voice in the distance. Switching from a live band aesthetic to a project which is predominantly electronic shows a bold contrast and departure from her solo releases Long Player and Humour and the Misfortune of Others.
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    1. Wait For Me
    2. Autumn Rain
    3. Lives For Living
    4. "Ship Her To Another World!"
    5. The Spirit Racing The Mind
    6. Transcendence
    7. Here And Now
    8. Promised Land Hotel (Pt1 & Pt2)
    9. Wait For Me (Instrumental)
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