Kyla La Grange is an English singer songwriter. Born to a Zimbabwean father and South African mother. ‘Cut Your Teeth’ is her sophomore release following her debut album ‘Ashes’ from 2012.

The British songstress released the lead single/title track from her second album ‘Cut Your Teeth’ in January. The track was accompanied by a wonderfully, glittering video.

2014 marks a metaphorical shedding of skin for Kyla, returning with a bright and bold new sound. Produced by Jakwob and Kyla, ‘Cut Your Teeth’ is the sound of Kyla’s incredibly assured vocal delivery kissed by a whirlpool of beats and electro. It is a captivating and confident re-introduction to a young artist who steps back into the limelight, taking an intriguing step leftfield in the process.

2014 Sony
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    Track Listing:

    1. Cut Your Teeth
    2. Maia
    3. Cannibals
    4. I Don't Hate You
    5. White Doves
    6. I'll Call for You
    7. The Knife
    8. Fly
    9. Never That Young
    10. Get It