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LYDIA COLE -The Lay of the Land

LYDIA COLE -The Lay of the Land

Following up from her Silver-Scroll nominated debut long-player, 'Me & the Moon', Lydia Cole releases her sophomore effort 'The Lay of the Land'. Inspired in part by the surroundings of her current neighbourhood (Kingsland), Lydia's new offering feels a more outward-looking affair, though songs such as 'Sober' still hint at the personal feel of previous works. The sonic palette of 'Lay of the Land' is deceptively broad, enabled by producer Nic Manders. Each listen will reveal a subtle layer not previously apparent.

With singles 'Dream' (Nominated for a 2016 Silver Scroll Award), 'Sober' and 'Telepathise' it is no surprise that so many individuals were keen to dig deep when Lydia first announced that she was to record an album by the crowdfunding medium. The results justify their investment.

Beautifully presented in a cardboard package with a photo & lyrics insert.

2017 February
  • Details

    1. Dream
    2. The Fool That I Am
    3. Telepathise
    4. Time is a Healer
    5. Sober
    6. The Bell of Love
    7. Glimpse
    8. Brave
    9. The Lay of the Land
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