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MEL PARSONS - Drylands

MEL PARSONS - Drylands

Mel Parsons cold-called one of her musical inspirations, iconic Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith, asking him to lend his voice to a song from her new album. Upon hearing the tracks, Sexsmith enthusiastically joined the project, contributing vocals to the song ‘Don’t Wait’ - a true testament to the quality of Parsons’ songwriting and commitment to her craft. 

Equal parts lush and dark, ‘Drylands’ is Mel Parsons’ stunning 3rd full length album, and was recorded at Lee Prebble’s Surgery studio (The Phoenix Foundation, The Black Seeds), Wellington, in late 2014. Co-produced by Parsons and Irish-Kiwi Gerry Paul, the album is a sonic side-step from her last two releases while remaining true to the singer-songwriters’ essence - the telling of a good story. Hitting the studio immediately after a five week stint on the road, the pair had the ideal pre-recording road-test “it gave us the opportunity to feel out what worked, which songs really connected with audiences” recalls Parsons.

As with her last release, Mel Parsons’ touring companion and long-time friend Anika Moa features heavily as a backing vocalist on the album. Co-producer Gerry Paul (who tours internationally with Grammy-winning bluegrass star Tim O'Brien) plays most of the electric and acoustic guitars on the album, with Bunnies On Ponies’ Craig Terris on drums, and Parsons' longtime bassist Aaron Stewart rounding out the rhythm section.

In addition to Ron Sexsmith, other international guests on ‘Drylands’ include renowned Irish cellist Vyvienne Long (Damien Rice), and ex-Waterboys bassist Trevor Hutchinson on double bass. New York-based New Zealander Andrew Keoghan lends haunting vocals to the mellow retrospective ‘Friend’.

Since her first release in 2009, two-time Tui Award finalist Parsons has made home a hotel room and a suitcase, building a solid fan base in NZ and around the globe; relentlessly racking up tours and festivals through Australia, Germany, Canada, UK &
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Far Away
    2 Alberta Sun
    3 Driving Man
    4 Non Communicado
    5 Don't Wait (feat. Ron Sexsmith)
    6 Far North Coast
    7 Good Together
    8 Friend
    9 Get Out Alive
    10 Down So Long
    11 First Sign of Trouble
    12 Fireworks
    13 Another City
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