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SONGS FROM THE INSIDE VOL. 2 - Various Artists

SONGS FROM THE INSIDE VOL. 2 - Various Artists

Following the successful second season of Maori TV’s documentary series Songs From The Inside, SONGS FROM THE INSIDE RECORDS would like to announce the release of the accompanying album on May 2. – Songs From The Inside Vol II 

In this season much loved Kiwi musicians Anika Moa, Don McGlashan, Laughton Kora, and Annie Crummer taught 12 inmates – six men and six women from Auckland’s Poremoremo and Manukau Prisons – the complex art of writing, performing and recording their own songs over a period of 12 weeks.

The series concludes on April 25th with an hour-long episode revealing the intense honest and personal songs written by the inmates during the course of filming.

Songs From The Inside Director and Producer Julian Arahanga states “The whole time we were making this project we wanted to know how could we improve our processes. We didn’t know if we could recapture the same heart, the same feeling as the first series so you’re always on edge. But this album breaks new ground for me and pushes the idea of truth to new levels.”

Each song is the musical conclusion to a sincere emotional journey each inmate went through during the writing process. The 14 heartfelt tracks on the album range in genre from country to reggae, R&B, pop, rock n’ roll and hip-hop.

Songs From The Inside Vol II is on sale from May 2 at all good music stores and iTunes. All proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to the charities each inmate nominated.
  • Details

    1. From The Inside Out -Angela
    2. Easy - Lops
    3. Gangster Love - Abigail
    4. Forever Two Worlds - Moni
    5. So In Love - Angela
    6. I Will - Ruth
    7. Letter - Kurt
    8. Look at me now - Hoki
    9. The Devils Grin - Ruth
    10. I Choose - Elvis
    11. You're my song -Carolina
    12. Tapuaki - Max
    13. Taken Home - Fiona
    14. Wanna Find Love - Roger
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