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THE BATS - Free All The Monsters

THE BATS - Free All The Monsters

That great band of the south The Bats are back to remind us how sweet, lovely and connective pop songs can be. Titled Free All The Monsters, the band’s eighth album shows them in top form. Recorded at Seacliff, a former asylum in the grand Victorian style just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand, and masterfully produced by Dale Cotton (HDU, Dimmer), it captures some of their strongest songs to date.

From the melodic and insanely catchy title track, through to the psychedelic thrum of second single ‘In The Subway’ the lo-fi folk of ‘Simpletons’ and the soaring instrumental passages - Free All the Monsters is filled with powerful and haunting guitars, delicate vocals and rhythms that swerve and stomp throughout.

It’s a tale overflowing with cleverly crafted tunes. One that immediately pulls the listener in, and reveals a Bats sound that’s even deeper, darker and more affecting than before.

"It's The Bat's strongest effort in years...this is a classic album from the band. 10/10" - Volume Magazine/NZ Herald

"Free All The Monsters is everything you already love about The Bats, but its so much more....My pick for Album of The Year to date" - Christchurch Press

"Their Best Work...Free All The Monsters is their most radio friendly track to date and a contender for Single of the Year" - **** (4 Stars) Sunday Star Ti
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    1 Long Halls
    2 Simpletons
    3 Free All The Monsters
    4 See Right Through Me
    5 It's Not The Same
    6 In The Subway
    7 Fingers Of Dawn
    8 Spacejunk
    9 On The Bank
    10 Canopy
    11 When The Day Comes
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