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Trudi Wilson hails from sunny Nelson in New Zealand... her love of playing the piano and singing since she was a young child have enabled her to beautifully craft songs from her heart, straight to yours! This delicious album is made up of ten special tracks, featuring the superb musicianship, production, arrangement and recording/mastering skills of Brian Lewis.

Naive.. written by Trudi Wilson. This is about letting go of chances past, and grabbing new ones, realizing that while you have to do things differently in a grown up world, but you still gotta do 'em!

Exception To The Rule... Written by Trudi Wilson and Brian Lewis.There's always one!!! I wrote this about the way you make decisions in life, about where your'e going to head, and what the next step is and what behavior you expect from people... and then that ONE person comes and blows all your former thoughts out of the water! Thus... "Youre The Exception To the Rule" This features the beautiful voices of Caroline Harvey, Tami Mansfield, and Aroha Williams Pascoe.

Monkey... Written by Trudi Wilson. The afore mentioned.. What behavior do you expect from people? This is about the ones who drag you down... one of my faves, as full of layered harmonies, and such a stunning instrumental created by Brian Lewis.

Hard to Ignore.. Written by Trudi Wilson. Some people are just that... hard to ignore! Features the beautifully tasteful sax playing of Simon Williams.

Slow Down... Written by Trudi Wilson and Brian Lewis. This songs came together at the studio when we were recording... musical arrangement by Brian Lewis and melody and lyrics by Trudi Wilson. The first time we had ever collaborated on a piece, and what a musical adventure it was.. its about breathing, waiting for the time to be right, watching, listening... slowing down!

Here In Your Room... Written by Trudi Wilson. My favorite! This speaks about when you realize you've met someone that could be 'the one'... and then you realize, he actually is! Form
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    Track listing
    1. Naive
    2. Exception to the rule (feat. Brian Lewis)
    3. Monkey
    4. Hard to Ignore
    5. Slow down (feat. Brian Lewis)
    6. Here in Your Room
    7. Shy (feat. Brian Lewis)
    8. Sunday Song
    9. Exception (Anan Cara Remix, feat. Liam Ryan)
    10. Don't Weep (feat. Mark Ferguson & Brian Lewis)
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