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WILL CRUMMER ~ Shoebox lovesongs

WILL CRUMMER ~ Shoebox lovesongs

In late 2010 Will Crummer went into Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios to record his first album in four decades, with producers Nick Bollinger and Arthur Baysting, film-maker Costa Botes, and a group which includes daughter Annie on harmonies and pa'u (traditional Rarotongan bass drum) and son Pat on guitar and ukulele. It also features a guest appearance by The Yandall Sisters, a duet with Annie Crummer and a string arrangement by Don McGlashan. Will Crummer is still singing as beautifully and soulfully as ever. 

Will Crummer is a living Pacific treasure: a master singer and encyclopaedia of Polynesian song. 'Shoebox Lovesongs' is his first album in almost four decades. It comes with a 50-minute DVD documentary, showcasing his songs and telling the story behind his music.

  • Details

    Disc 1 - Shoebox Love Songs CD:
    1. Aere Aere Tamariki Turangi
    2. Nani Here
    3. What's The Matter You Last Night?
    4. Aue Taku Tane (featuring Annie Crummer)
    5. Omaina To Rima Ki Aku (featuring Turia 'Dinky' Ngatipa)
    6. Tupu I Konei
    7. Poe Tiare (featuring The Yandall Sisters)
    8. Do This Do That
    9. Tama Ine
    10. Manea
    11. Naringa Koe
    12. Toko No'o Anga

    Disc 2 - DVD:
    Will Crummer documentary
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