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Trudi Wilson

Front Album Cover

Trudi Wilson has spent the last 25 years carefullly creating and crafting her own musical style... It is smooth & original, is full of clever twists and turns, yet maintaining a smooth, creamy sound that will please your ears & make you want to hear more! She has a way of adding modern twists to old standards, yet can gracefully age a modern song... all while giving them her own musical stamp of originality...


She is a Vocalist, pianist, songwriter, actor, teacher and has had major parts in major stage shows (such as 'Cats', 'Little Shop of Horrors', 'Evita') as well as working alongside greats such as the late Billy.T. James and Howard Morrison, as well as other major N.Z. acts (Graham Brazier, Greg Johnson, Trinty Roots.)

She also records ads for T.V and radio and is currently working on writing and recording her own material... a must see and hear for any occasion!

In recent times Trudi has written, recorded & released her own album 'Signs'. With Comparisions to Alicia Keys & our own Hollie Smith. Her Album is available instores, online & on Itunes.

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