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Art Meets Music

Joshua Cowan

Early in 2015 the Cowans made a decision that has changed our families life. 

We'd been struggling with working full time while our children (Lachlan and Thomas) demanded more of Sarah and myself.
Time away from home working on the road was chewing into time I could spend watching my children grow and supporting Sarah who was under huge pressure with two kids under three.

It was at this point that I was having a beer with my mate Jim, listening to records and talking about my goals and desires.

I mentioned that I really needed something common and underused that could be represented as something new and creative with instant recognition.
"Could you cut something into these Vinyl records" he suggested, "not these ones but the boxes I have stored at work that I can't get rid of.."
And that's where it all began, I cut Jim a Jim Morrison silhouette.

From that simple start I produced a series of local churches and word started to get around and the requests flowed in.

I find my records at the dump, opshops and the local record shop. 
I'm not looking for the greatest bands or most expensive records and usually pay around a dollar each for them
Its the colors and styles I go for, but the themes and memories that pop out with closer inspection always surprise me. 

Over time I've got good at picking what you like and update the available labels every week with new treasures.
You can choose your own labels from my collection using the link below or in the menu at the top of page.

At the end of the day it's you that makes this possible so we would like to thank past, present and future customers for all your support and allowing us to live the life that we knew we deserved. 
Sarah and Josh, Lachlan and Thomas.


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