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Hard working Nelson metal band who play a mix of hard hitting originals, classic hard rock and metal covers.

The Blackwater story

Blackwater came into being around 2008 when guitarist Jayden Gilchirst paired up with drummer Jason O'donnell .

They were soon joined by guitarist and bass player Hayden Stamp where they worked hard on delevoping a good mix of classic hard rock/metal covers and original tunes.

Finding a suitable front man proved challanging but in 2010 they stumbled across Teejay Crowe bellowing out some tunes in a cafe and the scene was set, BlackWater was here! 2011 saw drummer Jason O'donnell move on leaving some rather large boots needing to be filled.

Taking a bit of a gamble they recruited promising young drummer Hayden Phipps and 2012 saw BlackWater play numerous private functions, several pub gigs as well as the Tasman band tour and battle of the bands.

Due to other commitments bassist Hayden Stamp moved on, but not before taking time to show new bassist Jack Cooper the ropes and they shared bass playing duties during the Band Tour and Battle of the Bands.

The cur! rent line up has been together some time now and together they have developed into a tight, mean sounding music machine.

Blackwater are willing to travel to a town near you

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