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Helter Skelter

This is a Beatles Revue.

Playing the Beatles back catalogue with a great young band and bring the Beatles to a wider audience is what Helter Skelter is all about.

Dillon Riesterer on Keys and Vocals is from Hipstamatics and is a high energy musician with a great stage presence.

Brendon Thomas on Guitar and Vocals is from X factor and BT and The Vibes. Brendon bring spectacular vocals and guitar to the lineup.

Cam Sangster is one of Auckland most in demand Drummers with Hipstamatics, Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes and many jazz projects around town.

Russell McNaughton is on Bass and Vocals. Russell is in demand around town and part of Black Water Drive and many professional projects around town.

Liam Pram brings Guitar and Vocals to the mix. From Hipstamatics and various original projects Liam nails the George Harrison role.

Pete France holds down the multi-instrumentalist role. Pete is in demand around town as one of NZ's top Saxophonists.

Helter Skelter will travel thoughout New Zealand & Beyond

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