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Joyce's Choice

This page has been named after a man that inspired  me, with his passion & drive for music... A man I didn't realise, just  how much... He had influenced me. He motivated me by his mere prescence, he had an opinion and he wasn't afraid to voice it. I admired him for that.  Only because I would have liked, to have  been more assertive at that time. ( back In 1996)

Sadly in August 2004 he passed away suddenly. Leaving behind a legacy...Huge shoes to fill...His name was Shaun Joyce, he was well known within the music industry & well respected by his peers. Also a well deserving recipent of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tui's, that same year.

Thankfully after all these years I'm still in the music industry, still loving it and remembering the old days. Of a man who's passion triggered something in me, a love  for the music, a love of the industry.

So this page 'Joyce's Choice' is for an original artist or band that 'BandAids' will get behind & support like the many artists Shaun Joyce beleived in. Many NZ Artists had a leg up by Shaun, if he thought they had the goods. He'd back them with that same passion that now drives me today...Took me a while Shaun, but  got  I there...Thank you for the inspiration.

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