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AARADHNA - Treble & Reverb

AARADHNA - Treble & Reverb

Off the back of the US release and 5 New Zealand Music Award nominations, Aaradhna is releasing the 2 CD deluxe version of the ground breaking Treble & Reverb. 

When Aaradhna’s har­monies spill through the speakers in her opening track, you learn that it’s not just treble and reverb that go good together. It’s her silky voice over that doo-wop style (a sound she likes to call Retro/Metro), and her newfound attitude partnered with old school soul. It’s Aaradhna and music that go good together.

As this country's most promising musical talent, Treble & Reverb serves as a reminder of the gaping hole she left when she took a break from the industry not long after releasing her sophomore album, Sweet Soul Music in 2008.

Deluxe Edition Highlights:
* Top 20 R&B Soul Album US Charts
* 10 Bonus songs, including, her # 1 record with Adeaze, and 5 Top 10 singles
* New Music Including US Remix of “Wake Up” Feat Common, currently blasted / and growing at Urban audience in US, over 25k plays on Soundcloud since release

“Celebration Flow” feat Talib Kweli

Duet “Back Of My Mind” with former Motown & Multi Grammy winning Soul artist “Calvin Richardson”, The Prince Of Soul

2012 Universal-Sony
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    Disc 1:
    1.Treble & Reverb (Intro)
    2.Aaradhna - Wake Up
    3.Keep My Cool
    4.Lorena Bobbitt
    5.Great Man
    6.Bob's Your Uncle
    7.Can We Go Back
    8.Fire Burning Love
    9.Back Of My Mind
    10.I'm Not The Same
    11.Burned It Up
    12.Miss Lovely
    13.Cool Shoes
    14.Sit With A Slouch
    15.Crying Like A Wolf
    16.You Don't Love Me Anymore
    17.Treble & Reverb (Outro)

    Disc 2:
    1.Wake Up (US Remix)
    2.Celebration Flow feat. Talib Kweli, P-Money
    3.Let's Stay Together
    4.Back Of My Mind - US Calvin Richardson Remix
    5.I Love You Too
    6.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    7.Down Time
    8.Getting Stronger feat. Adeaze
    9.Soul Food (The Island Way) feat. Mareko, Baby Downn
    10.Like You feat. I See MONSTAS
    11.They Don't Know feat. Savage
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