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AFRICAN BLUES - Various Artists ( Putumayo)

AFRICAN BLUES - Various Artists ( Putumayo)

The blues has long been about storytelling, about raising a voice from the margins and edges of American life. As it spread from the Deep South to Chicago and beyond, the blues incorporated a powerful musical groove which has influenced music around the world. Now, musicians are reaching across the Atlantic and finding that they have a common story to tell in shades of blue.
Putumayo’s African Blues chronicles the return of the blues to its African motherland. It also demonstrates the burgeoning connections between West and East African musicians and performers from the blues’ traditional heartland in the U.S., as well as converts in Europe—and shows how these connections are revolutionizing traditions on both continents.
  • Details

    1 Mali Latino - Ni Koh Bedy - (Mali)
    2 Adama Yalomba - Djamakoyo - (Mali)
    3 Diabel Cissokho & Ramon Goose - Totoumo - (Senegal)
    4 Amar Sundy - Camel Shuffle - (Algeria)
    5 Issa Bagayogo - Djigui - (Mali)
    6 Taj Mahal Meets the Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar - Dhow Countries - (United States)
    7 Kalaban Coura - Mali - (Morocco)
    8 Koudede - Alam'i - (Niger)
    9 Playing For Change featuring Tinariwen - Groove in G - (Various)
    10 Muntu Valdo - Timba - (Cameroon)
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