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ALISON KRAUSS - The Essential

ALISON KRAUSS - The Essential

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    Disc 1:
    1. Simple Love (Originally on 'A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection')
    2. Sister Rosetta (Originally on 'Raising Sand')
    3. Let Me Touch You For A While (Originally on 'New Favorite')
    4. The Lucky One (Originally on 'New Favorite')
    5. So Long, So Wrong (Originally on 'So Long So Wrong')
    6. Empty Hearts (Originally on 'Forget About It')
    7. Every Time You Say Goodbye (Originally on 'Every Time You Say Goodbye')
    8. Wish I Still Had You (Live version from Martin Fischer 'The Road')
    9. Broadway (Originally on 'Now That I've Found You')
    10. Baby, Now That I've Found You (Originally on 'Alison Krauss & Union Station Live')
    11. Sawing On The Strings (Originally on 'A Hundred Miles Or More: A Collection')
    12. Restless (Originally on 'Lonely Runs Both Ways')
    13. When you Say Nothing At All (Originally on 'Alison Krauss & Union Station Live')
    14. A Living Prayer (Originally on 'Lonely Runs Both Ways')
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