ALIZARIN LIZARD ~ Do You Just Want Me To Watch You

Dunedin quartet Alizarin Lizard released their second album 'Do You Just Want Me To Watch You?' through Banished From The Universe on February 18. The album was recorded mostly in Dunedin at The Attic in 2012, and continues the bands psychedelic-infused flirtation with pop music. It delivers a bunch of new raucous hooks, and sometimes-sideways lyrics backed up with their rambunctious rhythm section.
  • Details

    1. Hipster
    2. Mushroom
    3. Meal
    4. Baked Couch Banter
    5. Ash In Her Blankets
    6. Forty
    7. Any Excuse
    8. High Rollers
    9. Coke Man
    10. Scan And Bag