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ALTER BRIDGE - One Day Remains

ALTER BRIDGE - One Day Remains

Alter Bridge: Brian Marshall (bass instrument); Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy, Scott Phillips.Personnel: Mark Tremonti (vocals, guitar); Myles Kennedy (vocals); Blumpy (keyboards, programming); Scott Phillips (drums).Audio Mixer: Ben Grosse.Recording information: Empty Studios, Orlando, FL; The Mix Room, Burbank, CA; Tree Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA.Editors: Adam Barber; Blumpy.Photographers: Daniel Tremonti; Pamela Littky; Pat Costa.Arranger: Alter Bridge.Soon after the demise of Creed was made public to the world, guitarist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott "Flip" Phillips, and returning bassist Brian Marshall announced they would form a new band. Enter singer Myles Kennedy of the fiercely underrated Mayfield Four, also known for his cameo in the movie ROCK STAR. Like that film's main character, Kennedy picks up the torch tossed aside by a departing frontman, leading to Alter Bridge's debut, ONE DAY REMAINS.The chemistry of the group on this album is an undeniable force. While inevitable shadows of Creed cast themselves across "Broken Wings" and "Open Your Eyes," the bulk of new material is fresher and stronger than much of that ensemble's work. "The End Is Here" and the title track, in particular, showcase the band's strengths, boasting a musical depth and songwriting craft that seemed beyond the reach of Alter Bridge's previous incarnation. Tremonti plays with renewed fire and conviction, while Kennedy's emotive tenor glides above with soulful ease. Named by Tremonti for a personal symbol of crossing into the unknown, Alter Bridge does so with reverence for the past and an even keener sense of the future.
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    Track Listing
    1. Find the Real
    2. One Day Remains
    3. Open Your Eyes
    4. Burn It Down
    5. Metalingus
    6. Broken Wings
    7. In Loving Memory
    8. Down to My Last
    9. Watch Your Words
    10. Shed My Skin
    11. The End Is Here
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