Amici Forever is a band of four classically trained singers who mix opera with pop music (operatic pop). The band's first album, The Opera Band (2004), reached number one on the Australian classical charts, number two on the United States (US) classical charts and the top 5 in the United Kingdom (UK) classical chart

2005 Sony
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    1 La Fiamma Sacra
    2 Nella Fantasia
    3 The Prayer
    4 Aranjuez Ma Pensee
    5 So Far Away
    6 Nostalgia (La Mia Nostalgia)
    7 Core 'Ngrato (Ungrateful Heart)
    8 Land & Freedom (Terra E Liberta)
    9 Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix
    10 Recondita Armonia
    11 Adagio
    12 Ocean Heart (Oceano Cuore)