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AMIRIA GRENELL ~ Three Feathers

AMIRIA GRENELL ~ Three Feathers

Brand new from Amiria Grenell, Three Feathers, was recorded at the family farm at Whitecliffs, with brother Redford on drums and Brent Thompson on bass, and also at Ian McAllister's stu­dio. Amiria's brother, Oakley, produced the album, as well as playing guitar and mandolin. There are many other guest musicians on the album including Mara T.K, Mark Vanilau, Tamara Smith, John Grenell, Gerard Masters, Jessie Moss and Tola Newbery, to name a few. 

The album, dedicated to Amiria's friend, Mira, who passed away from Cancer at the age of 22, ranges from folk to reggae, country to blues. Amiria prefers not to be categorised in a particular music genre, and has a vast love of different styles.

A recent addition to the Fly My Pretties line up can only help push her forward into the spotlight

2011 Border
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    2.I’m Your Lady
    3.I Saw A House
    4.Fear of Flight
    5.Peace Flower
    6.Charming Day Saturday
    7.Fallen From You
    8.Three Feathers
    10.E Toru Nga Mea
    12.The Wind Blows South
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