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No Exit is the third album by Australian rock band The Angels, released in 1979. It reached No.8 on the Australian album charts in July. One single was released from the album, "Shadow Boxer"/"Planned Obsolescence", which reached No.25 on the charts in June.[2]

On cover notes included with the 2008 reissue, John and Rick Brewster commented on songs including "After Dark" ("One of the best songs Brewster/Neeson/Brewster have ever written and recorded"); "Save Me" ("Written in the studio using a drum loop, sped up after writing 'No Exit'"), "Shadow Boxer" ("Inspired by a guy sparring with a no standing sign in Kings Cross") and "Out of the Blue" ("One of our finest songs. The high voice on the first 'baby' is George Young").

On "Mr Damage", John Brewster explained that it was "in part inspired by a head banger at the infamous Comb and Cutter at Blacktown called Brain Damage. Fans used to come to the shows with banners saying, 'Mr Damage, please play it!'" Rick Brewster added: "After meeting 'Brain Damage' backstage I drove home to Ashfield singing a verse melody all the way. I stayed up all night and finished the first draft of 'Mr Damage' some time in the afternoon. I then played it to the guys in the dressing room that night at the Stagedoor Tavern."
  • Details

    1. Waiting For The World
    2. After Dark
    3. Save Me
    4. Shadow Boxer
    5. No Exit
    6. Can't Shake It
    7. Out Of The Blue
    8. Dawn Is Breaking
    9. Mr Damage
    10. Ivory Stairs
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