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ANIKA MOA - Songs for Bubbas

ANIKA MOA - Songs for Bubbas

The cheeky and beautiful songwriter Anika Moa returns with her fifth album full of songs about love, laughter and… animal noises! 

Recorded and produced with Andre Upston (Stolen Hill, In Swings The Tide and Love In Motion) this album reflects her world of motherhood, inspired by her twin boys.

Songs For Bubbas will capture the hearts and imagination of every child in Aotearoa! The album is half Te Reo Maori, half English being educational whilst engaging Moa to continue her Maori language through song. Perfect examples are ‘Colours Are Beautiful’ and ‘Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha’.

The 10 track album includes two covers, the popular and beautiful ‘Oma Rapeti’ and Anika’s own take on ‘You Are My Sunshine’. These songs will be enjoyed in every primary school and kindy around the country for years to come.

  • Details

    Track Listing:

    1.Colours Are Beautiful
    2.You Are My Sunshine
    3.The Nigh Nighs Song
    4.Animals In My Room
    5.The Adventures of Barry & Taane!
    6.Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha
    7.Oma Rapeti
    8.Little Bird
    9.Go To Sleep
    10.Sweet Dreams
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