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ANIKA MOA - Stolen Hill

ANIKA MOA - Stolen Hill

Stolen Hill is the eagerly awaited follow up to Anika Moa's highly acclaimed debut album Thinking Room, which was written over a 2 and a half year period while Anika finished touring for the Thinking Room album and traveling the world. She considers this album to be more mature, addressing political and personal issues in more depth than her debut album. Recorded in a barn at Bethalls Beach, on the West Coast of Auckland, and produced by Ed Cake (former song writing partner of Geoff maddock-Goldenhorse), Stolen hill was mixed by Victor Van Vogt in NYC (producer of Thinking Room) who has also produced the new Athlete album and other albums for Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Beth Orton to name a few. Stolen Hill is simply what it is, an album of honesty and realness imbued with a deep sense of self. 
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    Track Listing:
    1. Ka Whakahuia Ano
    2. In The Morning
    3. Lies In This Land
    4. Picture Me In The 70s
    5. Stolen Hill
    6. Broken Man
    7. Loving You
    8. Annie Goes To Sleep
    9. Wrestled With Your Angels
    10. Society
    11. Papercuts
    12. Kotahitanga
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