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ARDIJAH - Take a Chance

ARDIJAH - Take a Chance

Ardijahs' first album 'Take A Chance' was released in 1988 holding a Top 20 position on the sales charts for four months and achieving platinum status!!! The four singles released from the album were all radio hits with "Watchin' U", "Give Me Your Number", "Time Makes A Wine" all charting in the Top 20. 

Unavailable for some time but now re-pressed and re-mastered by band founder Ryan Monga, 'Take A Chance' is still as relevant today as it was way back in '88.
  • Details

    1 Jammin'
    2 Take A Chance
    3 Time Makes The Wine
    4 For Eva And A Day
    5 Do To You
    6 That's The Way
    Give Me Your Numba
    7 Watchin' You
    8 Like Me
    9 Gimmie Time
    10 When The Feelin' Is Gone
    11 Which Way Is Up
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