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BENNY TIPENE will release his long-awaited debut album BRICKS on October 17th via Sony Music New Zealand. The Album will feature hit singles ‘Lonely,’ the GOLD certified ‘Make You Mine’ and new single ‘Step On Up’. 
Benny says of BRICKS - ‘With this album there’s the acoustic tracks, there’s the blues tracks which are part of my earlier, musical journey that I’ve really enjoyed and we’ve somehow managed to mash them back up. The songs are honest, it’s just.. me.”
Produced by SAM DE JONG (Stan Walker, Ginny Blackmore, Whenua Patuwai) and recorded in Auckland’s Parachute Studios, the album is made up of 10 tracks, showcasing Benny’s blues and R’n’B influences in the likes of Cat Stevens, Leadbelly and The Beatles.
BRICKS follows Benny’s Debut EP ‘Toulouse’, which peaked at #1 on the iTunes chart and his PLATINUM certified single ‘Walking On Water’. Since then, Benny has seen incredible success. ‘Lonely’ was secured for the launch of Spotify and Telecom’s #FreeTheMusic campaign and became the voice of the ‘Coke Loves Summer’ Campaign securing a sync for ‘Make You Mine’ across both NZ and Australia.
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Step On Up
    2 No Good For Me
    3 Lonely
    4 Good Man
    5 Either Gone or Lost
    6 Hooked On Love
    7 Open Ending
    8 Give This Up
    9 Not Coming Back
    10 Young
    11 Make You Mine (Bonus Track)
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