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BLEAKWATER - Bleakwater

BLEAKWATER - Bleakwater

Formed as an acoustic c duo in 2010, Wellington band BLEAKWATER have gradually evolved into a five piece power house with the 
ability to combine the gentler nuances of country/folk with the harsh reality of modern day mayhem.
As BLEAKWATER they have lifted the late great Vic Chesnutt in his wheelchair up to the stage and saved Jim White from falling off
the wagon by drinking the entirety of his rider. They have stolen the show at a Hank Williams tribute night and they just might drop
a Velvet underground, a Ramones or a cramps song into their live set ( their own version, of course).
Although a debut album, BLEAKWATER s eponymous first offering is no baby steps. Behind this accomplished work is over 50 years
combined experience in upwards of 20 wildly diverse New Zealand bands.
BLEAKWATER the album is a labour of love and an exorcism of ghosts for the band. From the soaring “She s Gone (for Kowhai)” to the world weary "Steel Hearts" , the songs are the true stars f each one a sugar coated teardrop. Deftly produced and arranged by
Bernard Blackburn , Stu Brown and the band , achingly beautiful female harmonies are melded with deconstructed drums and
instrumentation on from the millenia to showcase each gem whilst also holding together as a journey through internal anguish.
BLEAKWATER by BLEAKWATER is a rare treasure

2014 Southbound
  • Details

    1.She's Gone (for Kowhai Deuchars) - Ropata/Bleakwater
    2.The Likes Of You - Henehan/Bleakwater
    3.The Last Time I Pray For Your Soul - Hinderwell/Ropata/Bleakwater
    4.Lemon Lye (part 1) - Ropata/Brown/Bleakwater
    5.Gideon Days - Ropata/Bleakwater
    6.Thirteenth Floor - Hinderwell/Bleakwater
    7.Standard Meantime - Hinderwell/Bleakwater
    8.Nowhere Slow - Hinderwell/Bleakwater
    9.After Tonight - Hinderwell/Ropata/Bleakwater
    10.Steel Hearts - Ropata/Bleakwater
    11.Lemon Lye (part 2) Ropata/Brown Bleakwater
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