BREAKS CO-OP - Sounds familiar

BREAKS CO-OP - Sounds familiar

Breaks Co-Op are releasing their new album, SOUNDS FAMILIAR, their first in over a decade next Friday, January 31 and to celebrate, the band are giving away a free download of their track, ‘Home’ on their Facebook page. 

SOUNDS FAMILIAR is a follow-up to the band’s 2004 album, THE SOUND INSIDE, which featured the now iconic single, ‘The Otherside’, which became the most-played song of that year on New Zealand airwaves; a Top 5 UK radio hit and also won the Song of the Year Tui award at the 2005 New Zealand Music Awards.

The album that sticks to the Breaks Co-Op blueprint which blends mostly electronic beats with acoustic instruments and strings beneath Andy Lovegrove’s brilliant vocal stylings on a set of shamelessly big tunes.

2014 Warner Music
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    Track Listing:
    1. All this Time
    2. Running
    3. Home
    4. Throwing it all away
    5. Moment in time
    6. One Chance
    7. Sounds Familiar
    8. Lovelost
    9. No Matter
    10. The Riot Song