BROOK FRASER - What to do with daylight

What to Do with Daylight is the debut album by New Zealand singer/songwriter, Brooke Fraser released in 2004. What to Do with Daylight was the top New Zealand album for 2004 (according to RIANZ), and went seven times Platinum.

The album title comes from the album's first track "Arithmetic", as heard in the line "Wondering what to do with daylight, Until I can make you mine". The song was released as the album's fourth single in New Zealand. All five singles from the album reached the top 20 NZ singles chart and achieved No. 1 airplay status.

All tracks on the album were written by Fraser herself.

2004 Sony
  • Details

    1 Arithmetic
    2 Saving The World
    3 Still In Love
    4 Lifeline
    5 Waste Another Day
    6 Without You
    7 Reverie
    8 Indelible
    9 Better
    10 Scarlet
    11 Mystery