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BUDDY GUY - Blues Greats

BUDDY GUY - Blues Greats

2011 compilation that celebrates Blues music and the artists who have made a huge impact on the genre. Without the Blues there would be no Rock `n' Roll, no Rock music nor almost every kind of popular music that's listened to today. The Blues continues to influence contemporary music and has inspires musicians of all generations to embrace its emotion. In a career that has lasted well over 50 years, Buddy Guy has played with everyone who matters and everyone who cares about the Blues, from Jeff Beck to Eric Clapton, has happily stood in line for the chance to play the Blues with Buddy. He is our living link to the great days of Chicago Blues and Chess Records. Polydor.
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    1 I Suffer With The Blues
    2 Let Me Love You Baby
    3 First Time I Met The Blues
    4 Leave My Girl Alone
    5 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
    6 Broken Hearted Blues
    7 Mother-In-Law Blues
    8 I Got My Eyes On You
    10 Ten Years Ago
    11 My Mother
    12 When My Left Eye Jumps
    13 No Lie
    14 I Cry And Sing The Blues
    15 I Found A True Love
    16 I Got A Strange Feeling
    17 Stone Crazy
    18 My Time After Awhile
    19 Worried Mind
    20 My Love Is Real
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