Almost two decades after the release of the original, Grammy winning album, the romance of the Buena Vista Social Club continues with ‘Lost and Found’, a collection of previously unreleased tracks, some recorded at the first legendary sessions in Havana with producer Ry Cooder and others during the extraordinarily rich outpouring of music that followed.

“Over the years we were often asked what unreleased material was left in the vaults,” says World Circuit's Nick Gold. “We knew of some gems, favourites amongst the musicians, but we were always too busy working on the next project to go back and see what else we had. When we eventually found the time, we were astonished at how much wonderful music there was.”

March - 2015 Ode
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    Track Listing:
    Disc 1:
    1. Bruca Manigua
    2. Macusa
    3. Tiene Sabor
    4. Bodas De Oro
    5. Black Chicken 37
    6. Habanera
    7. Como Fue
    8. Guajira En F
    9. Quiéreme Mucho
    10. Pedacito De Papel
    11. Mami Me Gustó
    12. Lágrimas Negras
    13. Como Siento Yo
    14. Ruben Sings!