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BULLETPROOF - Shake the Foundations

BULLETPROOF - Shake the Foundations


Smoke Notes
With their first release dating back to 2000, and dozens of vinyl releases on their own Cyanide imprint, as well as other highly respected labels such as Renegade Recordings, Trouble On Vinyl and CIA Recordings, Bulletproof is now well established as one of New Zealand's pre-eminent D&B exponents.
Originally a duo, Bulletproof is now the sole endeavour of Jay Monds (aka Jay Cyanide), after the departure of fellow founding member Josh Lees in 2005. The loss of Lees certainly hasn't slowed down or dulled the output of Bulletproof, with another two dozen or so releases having hit the dance-floors since going solo, and now this, Bulletproof's debut CD release, released on fellow ground-breaking NZ D&B act Conchord Dawn's label - Uprising Recordings.
Essentially a compilation of some of the act's best tunes over the last seven years (and a couple of new tracks thrown in for good measure), one might suspect that the release would fall prey to the 'good-singles-not-such-a-good-album' syndrome that many dance acts find themselves falling into when releasing long-players. Not this time though. With such a rich and accomplished back-catalogue, Bulletproof has been able to not only pick the very cream of the crop from the many tracks that might have made the cut, but to put them together in a way that creates an album that demonstrates to the listener the very solid sonic philosophy that drives the music.
  • Details

    1 The Nephilim
    2 The Klink
    3 The Birds
    4 110 Degrees
    5 Lynch
    6 Scorched Earth (Kemal Remix) (Feat. Concord Dawn & DJ Optiv)
    7 Camouflage
    8 Filthy Sinner
    9 Femme Fatal
    10 Datura (Feat. Concord Dawn)
    11 Shackle Me Not
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