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CHE FU - Beneath the Radar

CHE FU - Beneath the Radar

Four years have gone by since Che unveiled 'The Navigator', his chart-topping second album of breathtaking hip hop, funk, reggae and soul. Like its predecessor, 1998's '2b S.pacific', 'The Navigator' spawned a handful of classic singles, went multi-platinum and earned Che numerous industry awards and plaudits. But since the hype and hoopla of that record died down, he's been laying low on a self-imposed exile -- and for a hat-trick of very good reasons... 
  • Details

    1. Control Tower
    2. Remember To ForgetBuy
    3. D & D
    4. 2D
    5. Flaxmat Theory
    6. Lightwork
    7. C-Fury
    8. Mock Battle
    9. Not That Special
    10. Mysterious Vibe
    11. E.T. Research
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