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CHILLS, THE Heavenly Pop Hits

CHILLS, THE Heavenly Pop Hits

The second compilation brings together some of the early singles, “Look For the Good in Others”, “Wet Blanket” and “House of A Hundred Rooms” from the 'Brave Words' album and the best from the two “Slash” albums, 'Submarine Bells' and 'Soft Bomb'. Released in 1994 this set gives a broad sampling of material generally linking the best material of all the phases of the bands progression.
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Heavenly Pop Hit
    2 I Love My Leather Jacket
    3 Doledrums
    4 Double Summer
    5 Oncoming Day
    6 Rolling Moon
    7 I'll Only See You Alone Again
    8 Never Never Go
    9 Wet Blanket
    10 Pink Frost
    11 Kaleidoscope World
    12 Look For The Good In Others
    13 House With A Hundred Rooms
    14 Past Past Part Fiction
    15 Male Monster From The ID
    16 This Is The Way
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