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CHILLS, THE Kaleidoscope World

CHILLS, THE Kaleidoscope World

The 'Kaleidoscope World' compilation captures the best of the magical early period recordings of The Chills and simply oozes excitement and possibility. The zany brightness of the cover art against the black background only hints at the wonder contained within.

Everything released from 1982s Dunedin Double through the “Rolling Moon”, “Pink Frost” and “Doledrums” singles, “The Lost EP” right up to 1986s “I Love My Leather Jacket”/”Great Escape” is included. Complex, varied but simple and direct. Musically sophisticated but joyous, poppy and accessible. Essential.

1986 Warners
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    Track Listing

    1 Kaleidoscope World
    2 Satin Doll
    3 Frantic Drift
    4 Rolling Moon
    5 Bite
    6 Flame Thrower
    7 Pink Frost
    8 Purple Girl
    9 This Is The Way
    10 Never Never Go
    11 Don't Even Know Her Name
    12 Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
    13 Whole Weird World
    14 Dream By Dream
    15 Doledrums
    16 Hidden Bay
    17 I Love My Leather Jacket
    18 The Great Escape
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