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Currently riding high from the success of their smash hit single ‘Rather Be’, London-based dance collective Clean Bandit are thrilled to announce details of their debut album, NEW EYES, which will released on Friday, June 6. 

The album draws its inspiration from seminal UK dance/soul/electronic acts that broke the mould, Massive Attack, Basement Jaxx and Soul II Soul and promises to propel the quartet fully into the spotlight this year.

Speaking about the release, cellist Grace Chatto says, “Our first album is finally here and it feels so good to draw everything together into one piece of work..”

NEW EYES showcase the band’s trademark fusions of basslines, beats, electronica and strings with house, garage, dancehall, drum and bass and hip hop, paving the way to become the soundtrack of 2014.

The album is underpinned by Jack’s unique and progressive dance production, which mixes together a cocktail of genres.

On track to become this year’s biggest breakthrough dance act and following in the footsteps of their contemporaries Disclosure and Rudimental, Clean Bandit are certainly showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Clean Bandit are: Jack Patterson (bass/sax/deck), Luke Patterson (drums), Grace Chatto (cello/key/synth) and Neil Amin-Smith (violin).

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  • Details

    Track Listing:

    1.Mozarts House
    2.Extraordinary (feat Sharna Bass)
    3.Dust Clears
    4.Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne)
    6.Come Over (feat Stylo G)
    7.Cologne (Feat Nikki Cislyn and Javeon)
    8.Telephone Banking (Feat Love Ssega)
    9.Up Again (feat Rae Morris)
    10.Heart On Fire (feat Elisabeth Troy)
    11.New Eyes (feat Lizzo)
    12.Birch (Feat Eliza Shaddad)
    13.Outro Movement III
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