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CONCORD DAWN - The Enemy Within

CONCORD DAWN - The Enemy Within

'The Enemy Within' is the long awaited 5th studio album from NZ drum and bass powerhouse, Concord Dawn. The recording features a plethora of vocal talent, including Rikki Morris, Paul McLaney, Nina McSweeney, Thomas Oliver, J Dubs along with guests Bulletproof, Cern and Rido. 

The albums title track "The Enemy Within" has all the elements of a classic Concord Dawn tune, chillingly beautiful vocals, bone-crushing drums and a bottom-end second to none. With elements of "Broken Eyes" and "Man For All Seasons" ('Chaos By Design' - 2006), 'The Enemy Within' still takes another leap forward, staying fresh to today's sound and proving that 'The Enemy Within' will definitely be one to add to the Concord Dawn collection.

2010 Rythmethod
  • Details

    1. Forever (Feat. Rikki Morris)
    2. Kingdom Of Fear
    3. Move (Feat. Jdubs)
    4. Burn At The Stake (Feat. Cern & Bulletproof)
    5. One And Only (Feat. Rido)
    6. The Enemy Within (Feat. Thomas Oliver)
    7. The Sum Of All Things (Feat. Bulletproof)
    8. Easy Life (Feat. Nina McSweeney)
    9. The Space Between Us
    10. This Is All There Is
    11. Coda (Feat. Paul McLaney)
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