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DAVE DOBBYN - Lament for the Numb

DAVE DOBBYN - Lament for the Numb

"Lament For The Numb" is a 1993 album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn and a one-off group known as The Stone People. The Stone People consisted of Dobbyn himself on the guitar, piano and as the lead vocalist, album producer Mitchell Froom on the keyboard, Bruce Thomas on the bass guitar and Pete Thomas on the drums and as the percussionist. The album was recorded and mixed by Tchad Blake at the Sunset Sound Factory in Hollywood. Dobbyn felt that the album was "edgy", but his record company initially called it 'unreleasable', and its release was delayed by a year. 

1993 SONY
  • Details

    1."Lament for the Numb"
    2."Falling Off a Log"
    3."Belle of the Ball"
    4."The Expert"
    6."Bring The House Down"
    7."Buried in the Background"
    8."Maybe the Rain"
    10."Love Over All"
    11."Don't Hold Your Breath"
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