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Lodger is the thirteenth studio album by English singer-songwriter David Bowie, released in 1979. The last of the 'Berlin Trilogy' recorded in collaboration with Brian Eno, it was produced in Switzerland and New York City, and was more accessible than its immediate predecessors Low and "Heroes", having no instrumentals and being somewhat lighter and more pop-oriented. It was still an experimental record in many ways and was not, by Bowie's standards, a major commercial success. Indifferently received by critics on its initial release, it is now widely considered, along with Diamond Dogs, to be one of Bowie's most underrated albums.

  • Details

    Track listing[

    1 "Fantastic Voyage"
    2 "African Night Flight"
    3 "Move On" (Bowie)
    4 "Yassassin" (Bowie)
    5 "Red Sails"
    6 Side two
    7 "D.J." (Bowie, Eno, Carlos Alomar)
    8 "Look Back in Anger"
    9 "Boys Keep Swinging"
    10 "Repetition" (Bowie)
    11 "Red Money" (Bowie, Alomar)
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