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DECEPITKONZ - Elimination

DECEPITKONZ - Elimination

The Deceptikonz are a New Zealand Hip hop group formed in the South Auckland suburb of Manurewa in 1996 and consists of Savage, Devolo, Alphrisk and Mareko.

  • Details

    1 "Introduction: Mobb Deep"
    2 "First Course Meal"
    3 "Swinging Blades"
    4 "More Than Meets The Eye"
    5 "Fallen Angels" featuring P-Money
    6 "Industry Shakedown -Interlude" featuring U-God, Masta Killa, Fat Joe, Alchemist and Top Of Da South
    7 "Elimination"
    8 "Verbal Abuse" featuring Red Eye Society
    9 "White Sunday Prelude"
    10 "U Want Beef"
    11 "Broken Home"
    12 "Four Horsedmen"
    13 "Beware"
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