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DIE DIE DIE - Locust weeks EP

DIE DIE DIE - Locust weeks EP

After playing in noise bands and being involved with the vibrant Dunedin music scene long time friends Andrew Wilson (Guitar/ Vocals) and Michael Prain (drums) decided it time to do something with their music. Out of this came Die! Die! Die!

The album marries Die! Die! Die!‘s later, more melodic work – the likes of which appears on Form – to the aggressiion and D.I.Y aesthetic and mix of earlier record Promises, Promises and EP Locust Weeks. The result is a lilting album that at its most restrained – 'Seasons Revenge’ – is emotively captivating, and at it' most aggressive captures the raucous, assaulting nature of their live performances.
  • Details

    1 I Wanna
    2 Dropp Off
    3 Untitled
    4 155
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