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"For his first solo album, McGlashan revisits the accessibility of The Muttonbirds immediately with album-opener This Is London. It's followed up by one of the album's highlights, Toy Factory Fire, which recalls the darker side of McGlashan's last band, echoing the feel of the eerie monologue on The Mutton Birds' debut album's most startling track, A Thing Well Made. Backed by some superb musicians (SJD, Ross Burge - NZ's finest pop/rock drummer and an erstwhile Mutton Bird also, Miranda Adams from Bravura adding mournful violin, Tatiana Lanchtchikova, also from Bravura, providing accordion) and with the alchemic touch of Ed McWilliams (aka Ed Cake) McGlashan has realised an absolute masterpiece. That his songwriting has never been questioned is obvious and fair - but on the back of the successful score to No.2 it is great to see (the) Don (of NZ songwriting) back doing what he does best: writing pop/rock ditties that comprise prose-poem lyrics and haunting, evocative slices of music. His harmonic sense, his way with a lilting melody; hallmarks of a sound honed with time through several diverse musical situations. Miracle Sun and I Will Not Let You Down recall McGlashan's finest Front Lawn ballads; most important, with just 10 songs stretching out to just under an hour, there's the very definite feeling that this album was laboured over, with love. Nothing is here that shouldn't be - and there's nothing extraneous whatsoever. Last year Dobbyn proved his continued worth with Available Light, until Neil Finn returns to (overdue) solo work, this is a new benchmark."- Simon Sweetman - Blog on The Tracks
  • Details

    1 This Is London
    2 Toy Factory Fire
    3 Blame
    4 Harbour Bridge
    5 Courier
    6 Passenger 26
    7 I Will Not Let You Down
    8 Interlude
    9 Miracle Sun
    10 Queen Of The Night
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