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ELEMENO P - Elemeno P

ELEMENO P - Elemeno P

Elemeno P is the self-titled third studio album of New Zealand rock band Elemeno P. It was released on May 26, 2008. The band say that they "decided to make this record self titled as it really felt like it's the most honest and elemeno p-ish record to date."[1]

A week before the release date, Elemeno P decided to put a song from their album on their Myspace each day (Monday 19 May - Sunday 25 May) for fans to listen to, so that by the time the album was Released the following Monday, Elemeno P fans would have listened to the whole album. Fan reaction from the first few songs was very good.

"Better Days" is the third single from the album and will be released Late May - Early June. The video was filmed at the Lawn Bowls Club in Grey Lynn, and Dave uploaded backstage pictures of the video shoot. The album was designed by London based art-director and long-time friend of Dave and Justin, Samuel Muir.

Elemeno P has been referred to as New Zealand's biggest selling rock band and in 2006 won Best Group at the New Zealand Music Awards.
  • Details

    1 "Beverly Laurel
    2 "Baby Come On
    3 "Take the High Road
    4 "Loaded Gun
    5 "Pay For It
    6 "Better Days
    7 "Anna Don't Let Go
    8 "Takes A Radical
    9 "Louder Louder
    10"Some Things
    11 "Yesterday" (bonus track)
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