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ELTON JOHN - Wonderful Crazy Night

ELTON JOHN - Wonderful Crazy Night

This is Elton John's 33rd studio album, 'Wonderful Crazy Night,' featuring the infectious and upbeat lead single, "Looking Up". 'Wonderful Crazy Night' was co-produced by Elton and T-Bone Burnett and recorded at The Village in Los Angeles.First and foremost, the new record marks the continuation of Elton's incredible, inexhaustible songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin. The ten outstanding and evocative new co-writes represent the latest fruits of a friendship that now dates back 48 years.

'Wonderful Crazy Night,' signals Elton's reunion with other trusted allies, too. Drummer Nigel Olsson, with whom he's been working since his late 1960s breakthrough, and guitarist Davey Johnstone (who first played with him in 1971 and became a full band member the following year) are both on board, for the first time since 'The Captain & the Kid' in 2006. Five tracks feature appearances by another time-honored associate, percussionist Ray Cooper, and they're joined by bassist Matt Bissonette, keyboard player Kim Bullard and percussionist John Mahon.

Other highlights on 'Wonderful Crazy Night' include 'A Good Heart,' 'Tambourine' and 'The Open Chord.' A superbly live and spontaneous spirit permeates an album that's about to become another landmark in an unrivaled catalogue.

  • Details

    Track List:

    1 Wonderful Crazy Night
    2 In The Name Of You
    3 Claw Hammer
    4 Blue Wonderful
    5 I've Got 2 Wings
    6 A Good Heart
    7 Looking Up
    8 Guilty Pleasure
    9 Tambourine
    10 The Open Chord
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