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FAITHLESS - Sunday 8pm

FAITHLESS - Sunday 8pm

Sunday 8PM is Faithless' second album, released on 28 September 1998. The album contains the hit singles "Bring My Family Back", "Take The Long Way Home", and "God Is A DJ". The album reached #10 place in the UK charts. 
  • Details

    Track Listing:

    1. The Garden
    2. Bring My Family Back
    3. Hour of Need
    4. Postcards
    5. Take the Long Way Home
    6. Why Go?
    7. She's My Baby
    8. God Is a DJ
    9. Hem of His Garment
    10. Sunday 8pm
    11. Killer's Lullaby
    12. Killer's Lullaby (bonus remix)
    13. Bring My Family Back (bonus remix)
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