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FAMILY CACTUS - Come Howling

FAMILY CACTUS - Come Howling

The feeling of travel permeates much of Come Howling. The songs of frontman Adam Ladley are both cinematic and melodramatic and his septet - most of whom have done time in other Wellington and Auckland indie outfits - shows a smart sense of dynamics, helping evoke wide horizons and the rhythms of the road. They aren't exactly travelling into uncharted territory - the comparisons cited on their publicity, like Arcade Fire, Beirut, Radiohead and Springsteen, do tend to poke out now and then. That's whether it's the Arcade Fire anthemics of opener Kingmaker or the very Beirut brassy waltz of the closing track A Giant Flash in the Pan.But if they're wearing some of those influences on their sleeves, the songs still hold up care of Ladley's observational lyrical approach, all carried by some fine tunes. Russell Baillie - NZ Herald 4/5 

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    1 Kingmaker
    2 In Transit
    3 No Magic
    4 Coal Town
    5 A Running Mystery
    6 Barbed Tongue
    7 Plastic Trumpets
    8 Mariachi
    9 Come Howling
    10 A Giant Flash In The Pan
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