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G-EAZY - These Things Happen

G-EAZY - These Things Happen

Oakland, CA rapper G-Eazy has been writing, producing, recording, and releasing his music (mostly via mixtape) for the last several years, and now this talent has been brought squarely to the forefront of hip hop . 

He's opened for Drake, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne on tour, and most recently sold out his "These Things Happen" solo tour, doing his own marketing & promotion for the shows.
ressed in black with his hair slicked back, G-Eazy adds a touch of class to hip-hop. For as traditionally dapper as he may be, he's got both feet firmly planted in the future. So what does the future look like for the producer, songwriter, and rapper? Well, it's just as bright as he is.

With the release of ENDLESS SUMMER, G-Eazy started to garner attention from both the backpackers and the mainstream. MtvU nominated him for Best Music On Campus, while he played to packed houses opening for superstars such as Drake and Lil Wayne. G-Eazy's debut album, THESE THINGS HAPPEN features artists such as A$AP Ferg, E-40, Jay Ant, Remo, Danny Seth, John Michael Rouchell, Devon, Anthony Stewart and Blackbear.

2014 Sony
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    Track Listing:

    1.These Things Happen
    2.Far Alone
    3.I Mean It
    5.Opportunity Cost
    6.Almost Famous
    7.Lotta That
    8.Factory Girl (Skit)
    9.Downtown Love
    11.Let's Get Lost
    12.Shoot Me Down
    13.Been On
    14.Remember You
    15.Tumblr Girls
    16.Just Believe
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