Holy Smoke is the debut album from New Zealand pop singer Gin Wigmore. Singles released off the album included "Oh My", "I Do" and "Hey Ho". Although it has been said that when the album is released into the United States the first single will be "Too Late for Lovers". The album debuted at number one in New Zealand, and was certified Gold in its first week. The album was certified Platinum in its second week, selling over 15,000 copies. In September 2011, Home Improvement Retailer Lowe's began a new brand campaign featuring Wigmore's single "Don't Stop
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    1 Oh My
    2 Hey Ho
    3 New Revolution
    4 Don't Stop
    5 I Do
    6 Too Late For Lovers
    7 Mr. Freakshow
    8 One Last Look
    9 Golden Ship
    10 Dying Day